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Check out the process and visa requirements for New Zealand for immigrants

The visa for New Zealand should be an important thing to consider if you are planning to emigrate to New Zealand. In addition, if you intend to study and work in New Zealand, a visa/work permit will be required.

Visa and permit for students in New Zealand

If you plan to immigrate to New Zealand for educational purposes for more than three months, you may need a visa or study permit. However, you will not need a visa or permit if you are a New Zealand Australian citizen, if you hold permanent residence in New Zealand or if you are a resident of Australia with a permanent residence visa or a visa currently residing.

If you intend to study a course that lasts less than three months and that has been approved or exempted by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority, you can apply for a visitor visa.

You will need a visa or student permit if you are going to study two or more short courses.

You will also need to meet your health and personal needs and demonstrate that you financially agree with your stay in New Zealand.

New Zealand Visitor Visa

If you are from Australia or a visa-free country and your visit is less than three months (or six months if you are from the United Kingdom), you will not need a New Zealand visitor visa . Diplomats, crews and passengers on board cruise ships may also be exempt. All other people will need to apply for a visitor visa.

When assessing your visa requirements for New Zealand, you will need to demonstrate that you are in good health and with a pleasant personality. Your passport must be relevant for at least three months after the date you intend to leave New Zealand, and you must also demonstrate that you can bear the costs of leaving New Zealand.

You will also need to prove that you have enough money to support yourself when you visit New Zealand.

The maximum length of stay in New Zealand with a visitor visa is nine months. If you come from a visa-free country, you can stay for three months (or six months if you are from the United Kingdom).

Work visa for New Zealand.

If you want to work in New Zealand, permanently or temporarily, you can consider several options.

Depending on their nationality, people aged 18 to 30 can benefit from a working holiday permit.

Certain types of work may not require a work visa, for example, if you are on a sales trip, and Australian citizens are also exempt.

You may be eligible for a visa or temporary work permit if you have a job offer from a New Zealand employer or if you are a student or intern.

Living and working in New Zealand as a skilled immigrant, you will first need to complete the “Expression of Interest” form. This model will assess your suitability and apply points accordingly. You need at least 100 points to submit this form.

Priority is currently given to applicants who fill the shortage list for immediate or long-term skills.

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