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Immigrate to Canada – Find out how to Live and Study in Canada

Immigration to Canada has become a very desirable process for people. Under this program, potential migrants are allowed to migrate under the Express Entry program. Three categories of immigrants are already eligible to apply for the rapid registration program. An Invitation to Apply (ITA) is sent for permanent residence to applicants eligible for Canadian Immigration Rapid Registration. They now have 60 days after receipt of the ATI to do so.

Canadian experience class

The process of immigrating to Canada has been simplified by rapid entry. Now the three chapters are:

Canadian Experience Category: In this category, these candidates are qualified and have one year of Canadian experience.

It is also important to have the language skills required to demonstrate your suitability to apply in this category.

The Immigration to Canada category does not apply to the application for permanent residence in Quebec.

Federal skilled crafts

It is important for these candidates to take an in-depth language test. It is also important to know that as part of Canada’s immigration programs, an assessment of educational accreditation is required. This ACE is important for education received outside of Canada.

But such an ECA is not important.

The candidate has one year of professional experience in this country

Work experience in a specific skilled trade is listed in the Canadian NOC.

Applicants should also know that this Express Entry category is also not eligible for permanent residence in Quebec.

A skilled federal worker

The candidate should also have full-time work experience of 1,560 hours per year or part-time. However, the candidate must have received payments for this work and any unpaid work that is not counted in this Express Entry category. Work experience must be at different skill levels of type 0, or level B or A.

A school accreditation assessment is not required if you have a Canadian secondary school, high school diploma, diploma, or certificate.

The candidate’s language skills are required, in either language such as French or English.

In addition to meeting all of these qualifications, you must also obtain a valid job offer with the LMIA which indicates an assessment of the impact on the labor market. This means that if you get a job, it will not affect the work of current Canadians.

If you would like assistance completing your Express Entry profile to obtain the Canadian immigration application, please contact any Immigration Advisor for Canada to obtain the same.

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