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Immigrate to Singapore – Discover the process and visa Required before migrating to Singapore

Because of prudent immigration policies, Singapore has become the commercial and commercial center of Southeast Asia. It deliberately adapted its plans to attract qualified business people and skilled and educated professionals from all over the world.

Entry to visit

All travelers must pass an immigration permit upon arrival in Singapore to grant visit permits by immigration officers at the point of entry.

Required documents and status

A valid passport and sufficient funds in addition to travel/return tickets, visas, landing, and boarding pass.

The period of residence indicated on the social visit card approved by the visitor’s passport.

Valid access depends on passports and the number of days of stay.

Visitors with visitor passes are not allowed to participate in any form of business, profession, profession, or rewards while they are in Singapore.

Increasing time is a crime punishable by law.

Work permits

Five different work permits are issued for applicants.

Work permit (EP)

Owners of skilled companies or employees who will work in Singapore are permitted with a salary of more than 3000 Singapore dollars and hold a degree at a reputable university. Valid for 1-2 years, renewable when work continues. Pregnant women can apply for permanent residence.

Entrepreneur Ticket (EntrePass)

Permission is permitted for owners of newly created companies who wish to move to Singapore. Valid for one year, but renewable while the company remains viable. Holders are entitled to apply for permanent resident status.

S corridor

A traffic permit for middle-skilled employees who can obtain a fixed monthly salary of at least S $ 2000. It is valid for 1-2 years at the discretion of the authorities and is renewable after that as long as the applicant continues to work with the employer. Holders may apply for permanent residence status.

Personal Work Permit (PEP)

A passport for professionals who want to work in Singapore. Valid for three years, but not renewable. Employers can change jobs, but they must find another job within six months, and they cannot start a company. Holders may apply for permanent resident status.

Miscellaneous Work Permit (MWP)

A permit has been issued to foreigners working in Singapore in the short term such as seminars, conferences, and workshops. It was also issued to religious actors, journalists, or foreign journalists who are accompanied by employees who are not sponsored by the Singapore government. Holders cannot apply for permanent residence status.

Entry for academic pursuits

Students who wish to enter Singapore to continue education must obtain approval to join an educational institution in Singapore.

The student must:

  • Equivalent degrees, ability, and willingness to work in Singapore after completing studies.
  • We are obtaining the student’s permit in Singapore.
  • Submit documents to support his / her request for a student permit to Singapore.
  • Send photos, prove educational certificates, and financial support.
  • We were entering the residence.

When the pass holder (excluding MWP holders) applies for an entry permit, they are automatically considered as applicants for permanent status.

Those eligible to apply include:

  • The wife and unmarried children (under 21) are citizens of Singapore.
  • Older citizens of Singapore
  • Permission holders are entitled to apply for permanent residence status.
  • Investors / entrepreneurs
  • Others were considered eligible to apply for permanent status through SMC Management Consultants Pte. Ltd. in Singapore
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