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Immigration to Germany: Essential information to know before immigrating

Unlike some other European countries, Germany has supported the migration of skilled workers and since 2005 has applied for permanent residence for all highly skilled workers instead of granting them an initial five-year visa as was the case. before. Indeed, in German immigration law, the primacy of supervisory law was changed in 2005 to address the talent shortage of highly qualified workers, who are in the field of information technology or scientific research. , in the sprawling state.

Family members of German residents with sufficiently high visas and skills can legally apply for a work permit. This also applies to close family members who later wish to join their family in Germany.

Foreign graduate students who pass through a German university can stay in the country for 18 months after graduating. Students with degrees considered valid at universities outside Germany can stay up to 6 months with the job seeker visa.

Businessmen who can invest around 250,000 euros and create jobs through their initiatives can also apply for permanent residence visas in Germany.

In addition, as a member of the Schengen Agreement, persons holding a Schengen visa can stay and move freely in Germany. However, this applies to the member states of this agreement.

Entrepreneur visa

Entrepreneur visa is granted to people with high demand and services in Germany. If your investment has a positive impact on the German economy, or if you have sufficient funds (a minimum of € 250,000) to start a business, there are very good opportunities for an entrepreneur visa.

Holders of an entrepreneur visa have the same rights as any other German citizen. No German partner or guarantor needs to be named or proof of obtaining this visa. There is a three-year pregnancy period after establishing a job in Germany, and once the job has been created for those three years, the founder can obtain unlimited residence permits allowing him to stay or enter Germany at any moment.

Visa for couples and children

People who marry German citizens have the same rights as the permanent citizen who married her, which means that if the husband is allowed to work, the foreigner who married him / her husband / his residence can also reside and work in the country.

Children under the age of 16 can reside in Germany if both parents (and the parent who bears children) have a permanent residence permit. Minors aged 16 and over can also join their parents in Germany provided they speak German. This also applies to children who move to Germany with both parents or a parent with permanent custody in the country.

The gay community has the same rights as people living in Germany and is treated the same as married couples in Germany.

German visas van der Ilst

The “van der Elst” decision indicates that the European Economic Area (EEA) company does not need to obtain additional work permits in Europe. While many countries in the European Economic Area do not allow this provision to be effective; Germany accepts this.

In addition, any employee outside the European Economic Area residing in the European Economic Area under the supervision of an employer or a service provider for more than 12 months does not need to obtain a work permit. additional work provided you apply for a Van der Elst visa.

Permanent residence in Germany

To stay and work in Germany, a separate residence and work visa is not required. Employees are only required to apply for residence visas and automatically receive work permits to work in the country.

Legal residents of the United States, Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, and other specific countries mentioned in the 2005 Immigration Act can apply a residence and work permit during their visit to Germany. Residents of other countries must apply to the German embassy or consulate before entering Germany.

Procedures for submitting an immigration application to Germany

Step 1: The future immigrant must complete the application for a residence permit which also gives access to the labor market. It must be received by the German Embassy in the country of the potential migrant.

Step 2: The Embassy sends this application to the immigration office known as Auslaenderbehoerde at the workplace for a potential immigrant. The immigration office now checks the application with the employment office named Arbeitsamt from the location identified by the potential migrants and makes a decision.

Step 3: Once the application is approved, the Embassy submits an entry visa to the applicant.

Step 4: Immigrants and their family members can apply for work and residence permits after reaching the country with the local foreign national authority.

Student student visa

1. The prerequisite for obtaining a student visa is to obtain admission to a German university. Applicant visas allow prospective students to enter Germany to take admission tests and pass many other requirements related to the university application process. Student initial application visas are granted for a period of 3 months, but they can be extended if there is a valid and applicable condition.

2. Students can apply for student visas at the German Embassy in their country once they are accepted for a course at a German university. The verification certificate provided by a registered and valid German university must also be attached to the application.

3. The German Embassy will then give its opinion to the Aliens Authority in the city of the university.

4. If the foreign authority accepts the request, the German Embassy will issue the visa to enter Germany.

Holidaymakers wishing to work in Germany

German business holiday visas are granted to young people between the ages of 18 and 30 from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan. Visa holders can stay in Germany for up to 12 months and look for vacation jobs of up to 90 days to get help financing their trip. Visas for business holidays can be obtained from the local German Embassy.

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