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Immigration to Ontario, Canada – Check out how to go about the process

The Government of Canada has programs and funds to help people who have immigrated to Canada. This information can be useful for those who have already migrated to Canada as well as those who plan to immigrate to Canada because they know what to expect.

1. The federal government has agreed to issue an additional $ 920 million over five years to provide additional training in English or French to those who immigrated to Canada. In addition, the Ontario government has invested $ 60 million in teaching French and English as a second language for immigrants.

2- Bill 124, which created the Office of the Fairness and Global Experience Commissioner in Ontario; They are responsible for helping immigrants find work in their field of study or in a field with previous experience.

3. The bridge training program will help immigrants move from their work in their country to this new job in Canada. They are there to facilitate this transition period for migrants by helping them obtain the certification or registration necessary to work in their field.

4. People who immigrate to Ontario and have worked in their field for more than three years may be eligible for training programs. This program allows immigrants to take six months of training to gain experience in their field of work in the province.

5. A total of 81 community organizations in Ontario are present to help immigrants settle better in Canada through the various programs and assistance provided.

6. The government is also investing money in community builders in Ontario, a grant that promotes the ethnic and cultural diversity of Ontario. This is done by educating the general population and providing assistance to organizations that assist immigrants to Ontario.

7. An amount of $ 2.1 million is also invested in the Department’s interpretation services so that those who do not speak English and who are victims of domestic violence receive assistance in the language in which they feel most. comfortable. More comfortable. A sensitive subject, which may be easier to express in their mother tongue.

8. There is also a service called Ontario Jobs that helps people find jobs while helping those looking for workers find those with the right experience. The program provides information on job search, job planning, preparation and placement.

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