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Settling in Canada – What makes Canada an ideal country to immigrate to?

Canada accepts large numbers of new immigrants year after year. This year, the country will see about two hundred and sixty-five thousand new immigrants looking for better opportunities in the country. This number will be the highest in the past fifteen years. Also, Canadian Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Jason Kenny confirmed his promise to maintain the Canadian immigration program.

One of the reasons why the nation is so popular with immigrants is the rapid processing of recent requests. More than three-quarters of immigrants who come to Canada become Canadian citizens. This makes the country the highest level of naturalization in the world. The main reason for this is the short processing time. Unlike other countries, it takes only 12-18 months to process an order as it takes a few years.

Depending on the current domestic market requirements, the relevant visas are prioritized. These are based on a lack of skills that lead to a shortage of workforce necessary to bridge the gap.

Other important reasons for a nation’s success among immigrants are its high standards, safe and multicultural atmosphere. Being one of the wealthiest countries in the world, it offers excellent facilities in the form of infrastructure and other services. This results in some aspects being taken for granted and does not require additional expenses. It provides excellent social services in the form of an adequate health care system and other necessary amenities.

A multicultural country

A multicultural community facilitates migrant settlement. It is easy to find people of different races living together in the same city. Migrants are more likely to see people of ethnic origin. Besides, these companies are very liberal. Thus, one is allowed to practice his customs and traditions without causing any problem for the other.

Dual spoken language

The bilingual community offers the ability to choose a place where one can easily choose a place of comfort where they live. However, security is the most critical issue for any migrant who moves to Canada with his family. You can find lower crime and murder rates than other countries. Among other things, human rights laws are taken into account. The nation has four different agencies that respond to the same thing. Also, same-sex couples are allowed to marry.

Sustainable economic growth

Sustainable economic growth is another aspect that attracts potential migrants to Canada. Despite the economic recession, Canada is one of the very few countries with a sustainable economy. As a stable economy grows, full-time employment prospects have increased steadily in recent months.


Another problem posed by residents is that a large number of migrants enter the country to compensate for work and their name in general. As more and more people reach retirement age, this can lead to a disruption in the employment rate without working status. Lack of human resources is another aspect that guarantees access to numbers through the migration process. These demographics are one of the main reasons for the low trade and purchasing power that can affect Canadian living standards. Immigration is the shortest and easiest way to deal with this problem.

Demand Skill Workers

Another demand for skills is another factor; the answer is migration. There are specific industrial sectors recognized by the Canadian government. The Government of Canada has not been able to find qualified and qualified workers to work in these sectors. To this end, the Canadian Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration has drawn up a list of priority occupations that list all the jobs that need skilled workers who can contribute to the Canadian economy. This list is regularly updated according to the needs of the economy.

Flexible parenting laws for permanent residents and citizens with prompt processing of these requests (often within 3-4 years) mean that family reunification is quick and fast.

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