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Take a look at the basic things to do on your next visit to Vietnam

Examine the fundamental things to do on your next visit to Vietnam

1. Do not drink tap water. Just drink water from the sealed bottles you can get in the appropriate hotel or stores and drink plenty of them.

2. Don’t wear too many rings, necklaces, bracelets, and watches that are expensive and reveal to others. Do not carry more money than your daily need, because safety is still a problem in Vietnam.

3. When crossing the street, make sure you do not change your speed in the middle of the road, and do not run or retreat backward because the traffic there is a bit of a mess.

4. Never use the cashier, never on the street. Find some lost or fake notes later.

5. Don’t change all of your US dollars at once, because it is annoying to carry a lot of Vietnam dong with you.

6. Do not wear shorts, dresses, skirts, a single shirt, or low neckline or tube tops with prominent shoulders to the temples and temple.

7. Never sit with your feet indicating the family altar in someone’s home.

8. Argue or lose your mood in public places especially when you bargain for purchase, where you will get the same reaction in return.

Things to do or what to do in Vietnam

1. Keep all yellow immigration passports with a passport to leave the country, and also keep two hundred Vietnam dong to leave the country where you need to pay taxes and it can be helpful.

2. Keep all the money, passport, credit cards, tickets, and valuables in the hotel safety box. A copy of your passport is good enough for you.

3. Always keep the hotel business card with you when you go out to see.

4. Change your large bonds in US dollars to many bills 1 USD, 5 USD, and 10 USD, which is useful for paying the taxi driver and buying in local markets.

5. Take a taxi only with the logo on the car, and usually do not work on the meter, so the price needs to be negotiated before employment. Writing each destination on paper is also a good practice to help you navigate easily since not all locals speak well in English.

6. Bargain, Never stop bargaining for everything you plan to buy. Be firm with your higher price and compare at least 3 other stores before the deal closes because many stores sell similar things.

7. Ask for permission when taking a photo of local people, or photos of their homes, children, women, and others.

8. Make sure to keep as much toilet paper as possible, as the public toilet usually runs out of paper.

Hope this was useful and enjoy your trip to Vietnam

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