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Working In Spain – Examine the Cost of living, Quality of life, and Benefits of working as an Immigrants

If you work in Spain, you will benefit from the strict protection of your rights. All your rights are detailed in your contract. So you need to make sure that you have a legal contract (in fact, it is illegal to work without it, and those who are supported will be returned to their home country). Employment contracts will be submitted in Spanish and it is advised to translate them.

Cost of living and quality of life

You have to keep in mind that wages tend to be lower in Spain, but the cost of living is related to what you earn, compared to the UK where the cost of living and the standard of living is much higher. Spain has a minimum wage, set from July 2004 at 15.35 euros a day, or 490 euros a month.

Opening hours and holidays

Spaniards have a standard working week of 40 hours, with overtime up to 43 hours. A normal business day includes two or three hours afternoon nap and later end time. During the summer months, business hours may change. There is no coffee or tea break, but the staff takes their schedule.

Overtime is not compulsory in Spain but can never exceed 80 hours a year. Overtime must be paid at the standard price plus at least 75% of the hourly rate. Leave may be granted in lieu of overtime, but there must be a written agreement in advance.

If you are a full-time employee, you will be entitled to paid annual leave for a period of (20 days) and leave for at least one and a half months per month. Spain has 14 national and local paid holidays annually. If your vacation is on weekends, no other day is generally allowed unless the number of public holidays is less than a certain number. It is advisable to check with your employer what allowances are in your workplace.

Benefits of working in Spain

The employer deducts all work taxes and social security contributions and pays them directly to the official offices. Discounts are around 8.4%, which is divided into 2% IRPF (tax) and 6.4% social fee. The benefits of workers covered by health insurance contracts include social security, worker’s compensation, unemployment, and retirement.

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